Ages 3 -5 

JUNE 17-20 * JULY 8 -11, 2019
3-4 yrs: ​12PM - 1:00PM
4-5 yrs: 12PM - 2PM and 12PM- 3PM

(Cheerleaders may stay longer as long as the parent feels shecan handle the endurance)

Beginner Stunts
Our little ones learn:
  • basic base positions
  • how to fly in the most fun and creative ways. 
  • For safety, they perform the flyer position on our older girls.  
Cheer Technique
Minis will learn:
  • Sharpness, timing and placement
  • a fun, short chant and cheer to perform with their stunt learned
Our mini-cheerleaders start with the very basic skills and learn a short routine in a fun and entertaining way that keeps their interest.  
Cheerleaders will learn a short 24-32 count dance that will introduced them to basic dance technique, routine to transitions and how to build stunts to music.
Awards & Recognition
Cheerleaders will be recognized for their hard work and spirit at the end of the camp along with a final day performance.