Frequently asked questions

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    How do I register my child?


    Download and complete the Registration & Waiver Form and email to [email protected] * Remember to enter your camp dates.
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    How do I register for more than one camp?


    If you register for more than one camp, you only need to complete one waiver and registration form, but you will need to list all dates of interest on the form. If you do not have enough room on the form to list all dates/classes of interest, you may include them in the email when you send your form to [email protected]
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    What happens after my form is received?


    Once your registration form is received, if there are still spots available, you will receive an email confirmation no later than 48-business hours, from receipt of registration, with payment instructions. If there are not spots available, your child will be waitlisted or you may select alternate camp dates.
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    How long is my registration form valid?


    Registration forms are valid for one year from the date of signing. You will not have to complete another form if you register for other ECC classes or events within that one year period.
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    Is there a registration cost?


    ECC has an annual $50 registration. If you register for a camp or additional classes later in the year, you will not have to pay an additional registration fee.
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    Will I receive a refund if there aren't enough students registered for my event?


    Because we do not refund, we do not accept payments until we have reached the minimum headcount for a camp or class. However, registrations forms does hold your child's place. Once we reach the minimum headcount, you will receive a confirmation email and payment must be received within 48 hours to continue holding your child's spot in the camp/class.
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    If my child changes his/her mind and decides not to attend camp/class, can I get a refund or credit?


    ECC does not offer refunds, credits or pro-rates. We believe in keeping our camps and classes to a minimum in order to provide more one-on-one instruction and critique. We ask that our parents coordinate schedules so that there are no conflicts with dates/times selected.
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    Does ECC accept personal checks?


    ECC does not accept personal checks.
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